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    Engaging young activists in Social Bite's mission to end homelessness in Scotland.

    Our response to COVID-19 pandemic! We're creating online resources to keep young people entertained from the comfort of their own homes!


Social Bite's Wee Sleep Out is a national fundraising campaign for under 18s who want to join our movement to end homelessness in Scotland, by putting on their own sponsored Wee Sleep Out. We'll be relaunching later in 2020. But for now...

... With coronavirus (COVID-19) closing down much of our businesses and schools, we thought it might be helpful for parents and young people all over Scotland if we created some fun online resources to keep young minds entertained and thinking! Check back to the website in just a few days to see what we've put together for you!

Workshops for schools and youth groups

Workshops for schools and youth groups

In 2019 we delivered workshops and resources to over 4000 young people throughout Scotland, including the Orkney Islands!

Following this epic road trip, in 2020 we'll be moving this content online to remove all barriers, no matter where you are! 


Last year's film

What did Wee Sleep Out 2018 achieve?

  • 12,000
    young people

    started a movement against poverty in Scotland over the last 2 years.

  • £250,000
    raised to help

    house, feed and employ the homeless community through Social Bite's projects

  • Over 7000
    children and young people

    have taken part in workshops about homelessness and social enterprise over the last 2 Wee Sleep Out programmes!

  • Provided
    young people

    with the opportunity to use their creativity for the greater good - putting them in the driver's seat!

  • Empowered
    and inspired

    young people to think about and take action on social issues they are passionate about

  • Facilitated
    the beginning

    of a culture shift in the next generation of Scotland's employees, entrepreneurs, parents and leaders.

  • Enabled
    young people

    and their teachers, parents and youth leaders to bring their local community together

"Events like this not only serve to help the community, but serve to empower these kids, and show them that they can actually make a difference. It really does encompass everything that the Curriculum for Excellence calls for us to teach our young people today."

-Emma Sturm, English Teacher at James Gillespie's High School
Want to help us change the world?

This year, we're going bigger and better, expanding to include university and college student all over Scotland!

To join thousands of others getting involved in Social Bite's movement to end homelessness, click on the moon to add your email to our mailing list.

In the meantime, stay happy and healthy!

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