Global Impact

Sleep in the Park


Social Bite's Sleep in the Park events proved to be an incredible way to raise money, bring people together and give people the opportunity to stand in solidarity with the homeless community. We know that these events do not give a person a comparable experience of homelessness.


Many people experiencing homelessness reside in insufficient temporary accommodations, while others who sleep on the streets do not have the luxury of a secure event space with entertainment until 11pm. However, it has given our participants a cold night without a roof, a new perspective and the platform to raise significant sums of money to affect change.

“There should be no homelessness in the whole entire universe, all people should have homes and beds”

-Josh Brown, 6 years old.

The World's Big Sleep Out

This year, Social Bite's Co-Founder Josh Littlejohn MBE has seized the opportunity to replicate the Sleep in the Park model on a global level, by founding The World's Big Sleep Out - calling for cities around the world to come together and raise money, including 2 flagship events in London and New York.

The World's Big Sleep Out events will split their fundraising: 50% for their local homelessness cause, and 50% for the global refugee crisis.

An unprecedented 68.5 million people around the world have been forced from home. Among them are nearly 25.4 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18.


Wee Sleep Out

After Social Bite's first Sleep in the Park event, we were inundated with messages from under 18s across Scotland, disappointed because they were too young to take part. They too wanted to be involved in our movement to end homelessness, and they see, as we do, that homelessness is an emergency – not the status quo. This is why we came up with Wee Sleep Out in 2018, which raised £110,000 and united young people to protect the country's most vulnerable people.

weesleepout weesleepout

The World's Little Sleep Out

The World's Big Sleep Out wouldn't be complete without The World's Little Sleep Out! So for one year only, if you choose to sleep out on our recommended date (Saturday 7th December 2019) you'll be joining an exciting movement of people all over the planet campaigning and fundraising to end homelessness in the local and global community! All funds raised through Social Bite's Wee Sleep Out will go to Social Bite so we can continue to take care of our local homeless community right here in Scotland. You should feel proud knowing that tens of thousands of other young people across the globe, inspired by Scotland, are raising money and awareness for the wider global issue.