Wee Sleep Out

About Social Bite’s Wee Sleep Out

Social Bite's Wee Sleep Out is Social Bite's outreach programme for under 18s. This is a national project which can take place anywhere in Scotland (and has even taken place in Northern England). Wee Sleep Out encourages young people to work with their local community (their school, youth group or family and friends) to put on their very own sponsored sleep out, this year on Saturday December 7th, or as close to this date as they can make it.

In the lead up to Wee Sleep Outs taking place all over the country, the Social Bite Wee Sleep Out team hit the road, providing workshops to as many groups as possible, from the Highlands to the Borders, east to west. These workshops are designed to inform young people about Social Bite's work, support people in the planning stages of their Wee Sleep Out (including helpful trouble-shooting of any barriers in the way!), get young people thinking about what other social issues they feel passionate about and empower them to positively affect those issues.

Wee Sleep Out is all about inclusivity. We want to include all young Scots in Social Bite's movement to #EndHomelessness, and to create inclusion for people experiencing homelessness by raising awareness and funds to help Scotland's most impoverished demographic.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us through any of the details on our Contact Us page.

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“It's so hard to get our kids to all focus on one thing, and this brought us together as a family. I feel this was an experience that we will all remember forever”

-McHammersley Family