1. James Gillespie's High School £15,533.44
2. Gryffe High and Community £9,287.00
3. St Mary's and St Martin's Primary School £5,458.25
4. Belhaven Hill School £5,275.00
5. The High School of Glasgow £5,170.66
6. Edinburgh Academy £5,077.00
7. Muiredge Primary School £4,627.50
8. Edinburgh Ecumenical Youth £4,026.25
9. Wallace Hall Academy £3,703.95
10. 71st Craigalmond Scout Group £3,601.25
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    Social Bite is on a mission to end homelessness in Scotland


Social Bite's Wee Sleep Out is a national fundraising campaign for under 18s who want to join our movement to end homelessness in Scotland, by putting on their own sponsored Wee Sleep Out. Supporting adults can register for schools and youth groups, and parents/carers can hold one at home!

There's no sign-up fee and we're here to help you break down any barriers that may be in your way to help make your event a reality! Once you've registered, you'll also receive our Event Pack including a step by step guide so that you can make your Wee Sleep Out as simple or elaborate as your group would like!

What's in the Pack?
Workshops for schools and youth groups

Workshops for schools and youth groups

You can get in touch about receiving a workshop from our team (wherever you are in Scotland!) Our workshops are often facilitated by Social Bite's Co-Founder & Director, Dr. Alice Thompson! To find out more and register your interest, visit our Workshops page!

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Last year's film

What did Wee Sleep Out 2018 achieve?

  • 5000
    young people

    started a movement of their own to protest against poverty in Scotland

  • £110,000
    raised to help

    house and feed the homeless community through Social Bite's projects

  • 1000
    children and young people

    took part in workshops about homelessness, and discovered what we can do to help

  • Provided
    young people

    with the opportunity to use their creativity for the greater good - putting them in the driver's seat!

  • Empowered
    and inspired

    young people to take action on any issue they are passionate about

  • Facilitated
    the beginning

    of a consciousness shift in the next generation

  • Enabled
    young people

    and their teachers, parents and youth leaders to bring their local community together

"Events like this not only serve to help the community, but serve to empower these kids, and show them that they can actually make a difference. It really does encompass everything that the Curriculum for Excellence calls for us to teach our young people today."

- Emma Sturm, English Teacher at James Gillespie's High School
Want to help us change the world?

This year, we're going bigger and better! To join thousands of others getting involved in Social Bite's movement to end homelessness register now!

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