Where the money goes

Your fundraising will go towards Social Bite’s efforts to end homelessness in Scotland in the following 5 channels:

  • Supporting Social Bite’s core work: Providing an employment and support program and giving food and hot drinks to people experiencing homelessness (last year we gave away over 140,000 items to those who needed it most!)

  • 830 Homes Programme: We’re working with the Scottish Government to bring 830 rough sleepers across 5 cities in Scotland off the streets and into a permanent home with wrap-around support

  • Funds: Hundreds of thousands of pounds distributed to support a range of charities working with people experiencing homelessness throughout Scotland

  • The Social Bite Village: Pioneering an alternative temporary accommodation model

  • Research: Major academic studies providing road maps to help the charity and public sector end homelessness in Scotland

We’re really excited about our work with the 830 Homes Programme, where we’re working with the Scottish Government to deliver a new housing policy called Housing First, making a significant dent in street homelessness throughout Scotland.

To learn more about Housing First check out these amazing videos!

  • Housing First: Principles Into Practice

  • The Housing First approach to homelessness