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    What's in a Wee Ones workshop?


As part of the Wee Sleep Out programme, our team which includes Social Bite’s Co-Founder Dr Alice Thompson, we travel the length and breadth of Scotland delivering workshops! Click below to request a workshop wherever you are in Scotland, or read on to find out more about what we offer.

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There are also online workshops you can access on the Resources page

What we do in our workshops

Our workshops are best delivered in 2 hours and can be adapted to suit the age and specific requirements of any group.

  • 1. What is homelessness?

    Our team educate wee ones about homelessness, including some brilliant short videos and answering any questions they might have.

  • 2. The Social Bite Story

    We explain what Social Bite is, and what we're doing to end homelessness, including more engaging videos and pictures about our projects!

  • 3. “Wee Care About…”

    In this section of the workshop children are encouraged to think about and share any other problems they feel passionate about. The Wee Sleep Out team help children to realise that there are lots of little things they can do to help make the world a better place.

  • 4. “Wee Make It”

    Through guided questions, in their groups we facilitate a conversation on how young people would create their own Wee Sleep Out event and help Social Bite to take care of people experiencing homelessness. We're there to help break down any barriers that may be in the way (as Social Bite is famous for!).

“We joined with the charity Social Bite, to introduce what is called 'Housing First'. This will allow not 200, but 800 people to be lifted out of homelessness for good. That is making hope possible.”

- Nicola Sturgeon,
First Minister of Scotland