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The Wee Sleep Out team, including Social Bite's Co-Founder Dr Alice Thompson, travel the length and breadth of Scotland delivering workshops as part of the Wee Sleep Out programme! These workshops are best delivered in 2 hours and are adapted to suit the age and specific requirements of any group. To request a workshop wherever you are in Scotland, get in touch with us on the 'Request a Workshop' button below.

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There are also online workshops you can access on the Resources page.

Young people’s workshops

  • 1. The Social Bite story

    The team tell Social Bite's inspiring story (including some brilliant short videos about our projects) and explain why the power of entrepreneurialism is so effective when applied to today's social issues.

  • 2. Open Q&A

    Young people can ask the team anything they want, from meeting celebrities to working with the homeless community to creating a movement that is changing lives. We're an open book!

  • 3. “Your Life, Your Say!”

    A session focused on uncovering entrepreneurial skills within the room. In groups, we ask young people to think about the social issues they feel passionate about, and then help them think of ways they could design a movement or social business to tackle that issue, if they were in the driver's seat. Within the session young people realise that their opinions are valuable and that this world was made up by people no smarter than them - and it's theirs for the taking!

  • 4. “Wee Make It”

    Through guided questions, in their groups we facilitate a conversation on how young people would create their own Wee Sleep Out event. We're there to help break down any barriers that may be in the way (as Social Bite is famous for!)

“It was incredible. So well planned! Alice came out to our school and the children really benefited from her visit and are still talking about it!”

- Nadine Cohen,
St Alberts Primary teacher